Mary Dunn

As a credentialed coach with Board certifications in Leadership and Communication, Mary works with clients to move from Fear to Freedom in order to step into a new level of success personally and professionally.

Dixie Newnam

An attorney and yoga practitioner, Dixie Newnam blends life lessons from yogic tradition with her approach to estate planning to help her clients plan for their legacy, not just the distribution of their physical belongings. She believes that how you approach your death and legacy should reflect the values that define you during your life.

Yvette Strange

With a passion for helping women look and feel amazing from the inside out, Yvette has been in the skincare industry for nearly 30 years. She has advanced training in the latest clinical skin-care treatments to help others achieve better skin health and appearance. She is the owner of The Med Spa, a laser, skin and injectable boutique in Wimberley.​

Courtney Mecklenburg & Tracy White

Courtney Mecklenburg is fearless in the face of a challenge. As a licensed insurance advisor her passion is battling whomever necessary, from hospitals and doctors to insurance and pharmaceutical companies, to demand excellence in care and pricing. Her enthusiasm is going to empower and energize you to strip away your fear so that you can suit up to be your own healthcare hero.


Tracey White has been advising people regarding their medical and life insurance since 2012 in Wimberley.  She regularly advocates for her clients and empowers them with industry knowledge to get the most from their coverage. Through her experience working she has learned several of the pit falls to avoid when it comes to healthcare and seeks to share her healthcare superpowers with anyone she meets.

Oona Mekas

Yoga and meditation instructor

Rochelle Ross

Rochelle Ross speaks to groups about the process of organizing but more importantly how to live free and full of joy. There is a correlation between physical clutter and depression and anxiety. When you start to clear the physical clutter, your mind and joy start to open up to what life can really hold. You gain more time and less stress. Relationships improve. Financial issues begin to be resolved. Your health improves. Your life is being lived as God intended!

Michelle Gooch

Michele S. Gooch is referred to as the Transition Guru. She is insightful, inspiring and challenging as she helps women get clarity on their direction, explore their mindset and uncover their own design.  Michele is the founder of LIFE by Design, a coaching business, that supports women in transition by helping them reconnect with their passion and realign with their purpose.

Hilda Carpenter

Hilda V. Carpenter is a lively woman who will entertain and open up new
worlds of thought for you. She personally used her practical techniques in her
own career, with top executives, as well as, for personal, self-improvement

Katie Bertino

Do you know a person that seems to grab hold of life and all it has to offer - they thrive in everything they do?

I was definitely NOT that person - I allowed little fears to chip away at my life’s potential. Realizing this was frustrating

and painful but I got fed up and decided to learn practical ways to deal with the stopping power of fear.

Lisa Randolph

Entrepreneur, mentor, business coach and consultant, author and speaker Lisa Randolph is a true heart-centered visionary. She is known for helping her clients take an idea or dream from a vision into a powerful manifestation of their goals leading to their purpose and community impact.

She is a born entrepreneur who during her many years in Corporate America always had a side business (every woman in my family has owned a business, I guess you can say it’s in her DNA!). Lisa is passionate about empowering other women and young girls to discover their leadership voice and entrepreneurial skills within.

You can learn more about Lisa and her company “Your Kaizen Coach” at:

JoAnn Gartside & Jennifer Trotter

JoAnn Gartside is filled with wisdom that comes from living life.  She is full of energy and her smile lights up a room.  JoAnn has been through the joys and sorrows that are part of a rich tapestry of living.

Jennifer Trotter holds a masters degree in mental health counseling. She brings maturity and life experience to her practice helping individuals find solutions to life's issues using empathy, support, and respect.

Kat Crowley

“Style is a way to express who you are without saying a word.” I’m a style blogger ( and outfit enthusiast here to help you express your personal style fearlessly and do it on a budget! Come check out my session to learn style tips and tricks for women at every age.

Christina Lewis


Jordyn Collie

Jordyn Collie is the second oldest of 13 siblings who all reside in Wimberley! She has been running the websites and social medias for her family and restaurants, while also editing and uploading the family videos to their YouTube channel. She has a OMCA Social Media Associate certification from Texas State, and continues to learn and develop her skills online doing digital design for Eritis Services. 

Penny Stone

Equestrian coach leading people and their equine partners to reach their goals by using a holistic approach 1985 through 2010. Teaching mental, emotional physical and spiritual aspects of health and success.  Traveled and taught clinics and seminars on holistic horsemanship from ½ day all the way through 1 week. Wrote a book and numerous articles.


Worked part time for 4 ½ years as a therapist at Active Life Health Center in Austin.  Experienced in organic gardening, complementary healing modalities, cooking professionally, and eating a whole foods plant based diet. Certified Health Coach, Health Coach Institute, March of 2017.  

Leslie Maxwell

Dr. Leslie Maxwell is a co-owner of Maximum Wellness Chiropractic, a female chiropractor and adjunct lecturer for the Theatre and Dance department of the University of Texas at Austin.  As a clinician and educator, Dr. Maxwell emphasizes proper biomechanics to improve joint function, reduce pain and enhance performance.  Her passion for movement and its studies has led her back to Central Texas with the intent to enhance her communities’ daily performance.

Cindy Marion

Travelphile is Cindy's business.

Holly Collie

Holly is the "Mission Control" for her husband of 26 years, 13 (yes, THIRTEEN) children, and their multiple businesses and restaurants, all of them built by them from the ground up! With over 25 years of business experience, Holly definitely brings a wealth of experience on how to create and run your own business.

Jennifer Morris & Wendy Parmalee

Jennifer Morris earned her BFA and MA in Art Education, at the University of North Texas. Past professional experience includes teaching art and epistemology at the high school level for 36 years (Advanced Placement Art and International Baccalaureate Theory of Knowledge), art education adjunct professor at the University of North Texas, seminar leader and Texas Art Education Association conference presenter, museum education consultant, and contributing author of the national secondary art textbook, The Visual Experience. She is an artist, wife and mother. Her passions include art, music, travel, and spending time with her family, her two standard poodles, and friends.

Marrin Phillips


Susan Evans

Susan Evans spent 30 years as an Art Educator and has lived in Wimberley for the past fourteen years. She is an artist, Master Gardener, Master Naturalist, and is currently President of the Wimberley Birding Society.  An avid birder, she hopes to encourage enthusiasm and interest in  the rich diversity of our beautiful avian residents.

Jan Fitzhugh

Having spent close to 30 years in a very stressful, but rewarding career in Senior Living and Care, I moved to Wimberley in 2014 to start a new career in art. I opened Arbor Gate Studio, where I create jewelry and teach others to do the same.  Seeing the talents of those who attend my workshops, and are now creating amazing works of their own, is very satisfying. 


I’ve studied metal arts and jewelry design from some incredibly talented artists over the last few years. I love to transform bare sheets of metal into small, handcrafted, wearable works of art. I use my hands, tools and fire to forge the metal, and add rich texture and color with etching, fire, patinas and enamels. Each unique, handcrafted piece is inspired by the colors of the rainbow.

Tanya Kilgore

Tanya Kilgore has two degrees in the medical field however, it is her passion to help people in a totally different way through organization and time management. As a professional organizer, she assists others organize their time, space and even their lives resulting in freedom and a more positive, productive environment. 

Rosemary Barta


Beverley Pearman

A repeat retail entrepreneur and artist, Beverley has used her creative talents to choose amazing clothing styles for her customers, created a welcoming meeting place for the community with her coffee shop and designed one of kind mosaic pieces desired by many.  She brings a color infused style to her workshops that will inspire your creative juices.

Katie MacNichol

Katie MacNichol has written and adapted work for the stage, and her fiction and non-fiction

have appeared in publications for both children and adults. As an actress, she has performed on

Broadway, in London, and at many of the nation’s leading theaters.

Nancy Williams

Nancy has come to be known in Wimberley as a “Story Weaver.”  As a licensed counselor, life coach, consultant, speaker, and writer, she has been helping adults learn how to resolve or effectively manage a variety of life challenges for over 25 years.  An experienced inspirational writer, she is the author of Keeping Your Balance…Finding Your Way (2004) that launched a newspaper column she wrote for over 10 years. She authored Secrets to Parenting Your Adult Child (2011) and co-produced Wimberley: Epic Flood Tests a Small Town’s Strength (2016), along with contributing to several community, regional and national publications.  Nancy was one of the original creative hosts of Wimberley Valley Radio’s afternoon show, “On River Time”  and now performs with Chick Morgan and Dirje Childs as “Wimberley’s Women With Standards.”  Nancy and her husband Solon moved to Wimberley full time in 2009 and are using their time and talents in a variety of community volunteer opportunities

Chick Morgan

Chick Morgan has been whistling and singing since she was six and fell in love with
performing all kinds of music. After growing up in Texas, she spent all her adult
life in and around New York City where she worked professionally and sang in the
Cabaret clubs there for ten years before returning home five years ago to the Hill
Country of Texas where she fell in love with the singer songwriter music, artists,
and community. And now SHE is a songwriter! Her music is a combination of New
York Cabaret American Songbook style and class, combined with a fun and sassy
Hill Country vibe. In addition to her CD of songbook standards, Chick has recorded
an Extended Play album (EP) of original songs at the fabled Blue Rock Artist Ranch
and Recording Studio in Wimberley, TX. Chick is delighted to be a part of this
year’s We Believe Womens’ Conference to share her journey to songwriting and
hopefully inspire others.

Jo Everhart

Jo Everheart spent 30 years working for the post office and then she retired.  Pursuing her passion for healthy eating and living, Jo became a Master Gardener and Master Naturalist.  She began teaching cooking classes at the Y and a desire to teach was born.  Jo pursued and received her certifications as a Health and Wellness Coach and as a Personal Trainer. She travels and hikes with her husband James, spends time with her children and grandchildren and looks forward to inspiring others to be fearlessly healthy and adventurous all their days.  She currently works for the YMCA in Bastrop, Tx.

Chris Urban

Christine has been a Physical Therapist for 30 years. In 2007, she lost her precious husband unexpectedly leaving her widowed with 4 children. Through the grieving process, and recovery Chris studied all aspects of happiness including gratitude journaling. She has presented on the topic of happiness many times. In 2011, I met and married my wonderful husband Johnny and moved to Wimberley. 

Jenna Jackson

Emmy Award Winning Producer and Author, Jenna Jackson produced shows for 48Hours on CBS for 15 years. Jenna's story from simple beginnings, to award winning producer is a story of courage and strong passion.  She founded P+R Productions in 2011 to highlight injustice through impacting documentaries. With a keen eye for detail and an innovative look on film making, P+R’s esteemed team creates one-of-a-kind, cutting edge productions. Jenna is also the Mom of twin boys who keep her hopping. Her experiences have provided many lessons for overcoming hurdles and pursuing dreams.

Maria Luce

Maria is a Television Host, Journalist, spokesperson, reporter and writer and public speaker. At her core – she’s a storyteller, a communicator. A self-admitted “Type-A” personality, Maria founded The Empowered Mom, mentoring, coaching and inspiring fellow savvy business owners and MOMpreneurs. She also owns the communications and public relations company,Luce Media, LLC . Maria has faced many challenges as we all do.  Her vision is to equip women to wisely overcome obstacles that try to stop their dreams.

Hannah Overton

Hannah Overton is the subject of the film "Until Proven Innocent" which documents her unjust conviction and her incarceration of 7 years until the conviction was overturned.  Hannah left prison thankful rather than bitter and has become a strong voice for incarcerated women in the Texas Criminal Justice System. Her non-profit Syndeo Ministries helps to bring light to the conditions and challenges these women face in prison and as they return to society and she is providing practical support.

Jennifer Cutrona

Jennifer Cutrona is the founder of Booby Trap Bras, bras made with a hidden compartment to store Mace or a knife.  Jennifer has always been active and decided to empower women to STAY SAFE. STAY ACTIVE. Jennifer is a wife and Mom and is passionate in her volunteer work with a Bridges to Life a course taught in prisons that teaches skills for life success.  

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