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Every single day LEARN.  This is the essence of living fully engaged lives.  Failure will happen but so will success if you persevere!  Keep learning. Denise



As women, each stage of life can redefine us. Jo Ann and Jennifer, Mother and Daughter, will share how life experiences and relationships affect this and can ultimately lead you to your best self

JoAnn Gartside & Jennifer Trotter


Start Your Own Business

Life is always about our choices and choosing to start a business, while definitely requiring hard work, also gives us an avenue for our dreams and flexibility we don't usually have when working for others.  In this class you will get some great knowledge for starting your own business.

Holly Collie


Your Rave Story

Happiness and well being are inextricably linked. Thus, creating a healthy life depends on creating a happy life.  How your mental/emotional energy and vibration create your life and how choosing happiness affects health.

Penny Stone

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Your home is more than just a space where you live. It is your hideaway, your time to relax, to open the doors to those dear to you, and at the end of the day, a sanctuary.  Christina Lewis, intrepid interior + photoshoot stylist, blogger, mother, curator of unique finds, shares some styling advice with you. Ideas that can inspire you, plus offer pocket friendly options to create a space that you can finally exhale in!

Christina Lewis

Dixie Newman

Everyone Needs Estate Planning

Everyone needs an estate plan, but most people put it off. By actively planning your estate, you leave behind more than just possessions; you leave a legacy.

Dixie Newman


Courageous Transformations: Lessons from Executives

This session is for women who:

want to improve their career
path, e.g., deciding to change or end careers; want to transform their personal life path;

or getting through the grief of death, or empty nests.

Hilda Carpenter



You will leave this class 
being empowered to take control of your health both physically and 

Courtney Mechlenburg and Tracey White


Zest & Your Tribe

If we want to succeed, we must learn how to connect. In this session you will learn, how to talk to anyone, your communication style and how it impacts others, how to successfully communicate with those who are not like you, and where women tend to get hung up in communication.

Michelle Gooch


A Simplified Space

We have become a society of extreme consumerism. And here is the real deal - your kids do not want your stuff. So what to do with all of it? Rochelle will talk about the process of organizing, how to make decisions on what to keep and what to get rid of and how all your space can be amazing!

Rochelle Ross


Mary Dunn

This presentation incorporates the latest Neuroscience discoveries with Professional coaching techniques. The intersection of these two professions infused with personal stories of success and failure create the perfect
environment for all participants to have fun learning strategies that can become part of a new way of living that brings the best version of themselves to life!


Lisa Randolph

Your connection to your work is like a relationship. As with relationships, you sometimes hit that point where things are redundant, boring, routine and sometimes stressful. You even begin to question your
relevance and interest in what you are doing. How do you “Become Fearless”
enough to address if you truly still love what you do?

IMG_9772 (1).JPG

Jordyn Collie

We connect with everyone through social profiles and it is important to know how to use and manage them well.  Jordyn will teach you about the different platforms people us, how to secure and open your profile, and when and why you would want to make those choices.


Leslie Maxwell

Become Fearless Against Aging with this presentation from Dr. Maxwell emphasizing proper bio-mechanics to improve joint function, reduce pain and enhance performance. 


Katie Bertino

Feeling like you’re not good enough? 

Afraid that you’ll fail? 

Are you waiting for “perfect” before you move forward? I’ve been there. 

Together, let’s go through practical steps to kick these fears to the curb. 


Oona Mekas

When we are faced with changes or overcome with fear, the best response is to just breathe and take time to clear your mind.  Oona will teach you strategies that will give you strength to pause in the midst of chaos.


Kat Crowley

Fearlessly strut in outfits that reflect you individual style! This session focuses how to shop for affordable style near you and online, plus some styling tips, and different outfit ideas!


Cindy Marion

Travel is one of the best ways to continue to inspired and keep learning all your life but fear can stop us from enjoying the journey,  This class is chock-full of great tips for planning and traveling fearlessly.  Cindy will help you feel more confidant and capable of finding your next adventure.


Yvette Strange

Each of us are beautiful when we are confidant and full of joy. Whether you are frustrated with wrinkles, pigmentation, or just need to refresh Yvette will help you understand options available to give you back your assurance and help you to shine. 

From Fear 2 Freedom through the Filter of Hope

Posture for Life

Your Unique Style

I Still Like What I Do, But Do I Still Love It?

Not Fearless

But Forward

Fearless Travel


Be Your Own Beautiful

Managing Your Social Profile

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