Plant Seeds of Kindness

We do reap what we sow. Sometimes the seeds come up quickly. Sometimes they are slower and we are blasted by the mistakes of our past at the worst times. As a teenager I was a fighter. I thought it was more important to be right than to give in. Because of that attitude, I often missed some things, like how I hurt others and myself.

I believe now that even if I am right about something, I can let it go. Kindness is the word that should drive my actions. I try to remember how I want to be treated and treat others that way. I try to forgive immediately, if someone offends me. I have learned how easy it is to offend others unintentionally. I put myself in the shoes of another who is facing struggles that I have not experienced. I know that life can really be hard sometimes and I chose now to lift instead of cut.

That does not mean that I will not stand against injustice or step in front when someone is hurting another. My response is different from when I was younger. Now I carefully use my words to help open the eyes of the blind to how they are hurting the other person. If they won't listen, I protect the weak and trust that those blinded by there own pride (as I can be sometimes) will wake up before that seed takes root and blooms with something they will not appreciate.

Some things are just out of my power to effect. What I do have is the ability to be kind. I can choose that path no matter what others are doing. I can listen, I can love, I can try to understand. I choose to plant kind seeds and I hope you choose that too.

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