We Believe Women formed to encourage and connect women, to enable great and small dreams, to ensure that women in crisis know there are others who understand, who care, and who are willing to help pull them from the brink.  This year's, 2018,  conference will not happen but we do not waver in our commitment to supporting women through education and skills building.  The speakers on these pages have experienced life and have wisdom to share.  Reach out if you need a speaker for your group or you need a group of women to walk beside you as you help others.  We are here, in this life, to lift the weary hearts.   We love you!


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Jenna Jackson

Emmy Award Winning Producer

Maria Luce

The Empowered Mom
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Jennifer Cutrona


Hannah Overton

Fearless Women Keynote Wisdom
Entrepreneur and Overcomer
Non-Profit Executive - Forgiveness & Vision

"Ignite your Passion and Purpose

at this 2 day event and be a part of lifting up women who are struggling!" 



Our mission is to connect, equip, and inspire women of all ages and backgrounds to live fully engaged, positive, contributing lives.

We accomplish our mission with your participation in our annual conference, as you take what you learn back into your world, and we use our funds to provide education to women in crisis: Women suffering from abuse, Retired Women who need to get new skills to be able to pay the bills, Single Moms who are trying to go back to school, and Women who are coming out of prison.  You can help!  And we need you.  Women connected can accomplish so much more than we can alone.  Join us in We Believe Women to help other women to THRIVE

Becoming Fearless

I encourage you to support these businesses committed to supporting fearless women!

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2018 Sponsor Links


Thank you businesses in the Wimberley Valley and Hays County who sponsored us as we set out on this journey!  We will always be grateful for your support and your encouragement.

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